August 15, 2018

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Whistle Blower Judge Karen Clopton Files Lawsuit
September 21, 2017

Wright Enterprises' Jackie Wright asks San Francisco Bay Area community leaders to stand with Judge Clopton as what she is encountering is indicative of a larger attack on communities of color across the nation.

Dear Community Leaders,
I will try to keep my points to a minimum, please bear with me as I am very passionate about the travesty of justice that began behind closed doors resulting in a seasoned jurist as Judge karen Clopton having to take the steps on the steps of the California State Building as she did on Tuesday, 9/19/17.
She's fighting the "minions of racism" as I call them, those who hide behind their created policy that really is just their personal preferences acted out.  

"Who Cares?" is significant to me personally as I recall one of the executives at the television station I was working at loudly interrupted my report about the survivors of Katrina in the Bay Area.  It was stunning for such disdain to be publicly expressed in that way.  Being the daughter of a U.S. Army Fallen Hero in Vietnam, needless to say and not to go into details, I proceed to tell him who cared in a professional "shut the mouths of lions" way.  I should mention that the executive is the news director of that institution.  The News Director shouted "Who Cares?" interrupting my "Public Relations Manager"  report on the community.  If the News Director shouts WHO CARES? about the community he is covering, what can we expect from those he leads and how do we get fair and balanced coverage to make democratic decisions.  This was just a few years before these Donald Trump what's it like in newsrooms across the country now?
Who Cares?  "Seems like a personal problem to me!"  That verbal meme too often is the refrain.  This is NOT personal.  This is an example of the systematic destruction of the underpinning of Black communities across the nation to attack leaders..."strike the head and the sheep will scatter."
The attack begins too often in policy changes in small meetings that reverberate outward leaving communities of color decimated or in constant crisis or survival mode.   I bring your attention again to the the report funded by the City of San Francisco and LISC on the Black churches and LISC's involvement in the attempted surprise sale of Douglass Haynes Gardens low income apartments (  This is an example of debilitating policies being quietly created under the radar and by the time attention is given, its too late.  This link between the City and LISC is something that still needs to be investigated.
Judge Clopton has made some fearless rulings; she also recommended Uber pay a $7.3 million dollar fine: 

"The devil is in the details..."  I ask that you not ignore what is happening with Judge Karen Clopton.  Stay vigilant! "Stay Woke!"  I commend local and national community icon, Frankie Gillette, former National President of the Women's Business and Professional Associations, for coming out to stand with Judge Clopton. It was a last minute notice, as I received the media alert two hours before the news conference.  Thank you, Mrs. Gillette, your presence gave me strength in the moment especially coming off the weekend of working with the National Coalition of 100 Black Women San Francisco & Miracles of Faith Oakland's "Shoes for Survivors" campaign for hurricane victims.
From earthquakes (condolences & prayers for Mexico) to hurricanes, to the personal storms in our individual and community lives, a lot is happening at once; so let's "keep our eye on the prize"  and not ignore the significant fight that Judge Clopton is facing.  What we learn from observance and involvement will strengthen us for future challenges.
Jackie Wright
415 525 0410
Wright Enterprises-Community Spotlight
Wright Enterprises-Community Spotlight Press Release

Sept. 19, 2017
News Conference Today
September 19, 2017
State of California Building
12:45 p.m.

September 19, 2017
Chief Administrative Law Judge Karen Valentía Clopton to Hold Press Conference Announcing Lawsuit Against the California Public Utilities Commission
Who: Chief Administrative Law Judge Karen Clopton
What: Press Conference
When: Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 12:45 pm
Where:  CPUC Building
               505 Van Ness St. (at McAllister)
               San Francisco, CA 94102
Chief Administrative Law Judge Karen Valentía Clopton, alongside lawyer Dan Siegel, will hold a press conference on the steps of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) today. They will announce a lawsuit against the CPUC for the unlawful termination of civil servant Chief Judge Clopton. The unlawful termination was retaliation for Chief Judge Clopton's whistle-blowing about the commission's unethical conduct and communications with PG&E and her refusal to accept the commission's attempt to appoint to the role of judge an unqualified employee who had inappropriately shared CPUC legal information with PG&E. She is also accusing the organization of systematic racial discrimination against African-American judges and creating a culture of white supremacy.
In attendance at the press conference:
  • Chief Administrative Law Judge Karen Clopton
  • Dan Siegel, Litigator
  • Jeff Adachi, Public Defender
  • Rev. John Kirkley, from Faith in Action
  • Maxine Anderson, League of Women Voters
  • April Madison-Ramsey, Labor and Employment Lawyer
  • Dr. Robert Foster (husband of 25 years)
  • CPUC African-American employees
Background On Judge Clopton
"Chief Judge Clopton has been fearless in her advocacy for the elimination of bias in the legal profession, the diversification of the administrative judiciary as well as the judicial branch of government, and access, fairness, equity and inclusion in all aspects of judicial administration.  We are very fortunate to have her energy and voice in our conference at this time.  Recognizing her with this important award solidifies the ABA and the Conference's commitment to diversity and inclusion."
Judge Karen Clopton Among 2013 National Coalition of 100 Black Women San Francisco Chapter Honorees at "Golden Girls Hats & Gloves Tea"
At recent commission meeting, George Saxton (l), Executive Director of San Francisco Ho Chi Minh City Sister City Commission listens to Chief Trade Consul of Vietnam,Tran Minh Thang (c) talk about the upcoming Vietnam-U.S. Forum September 20th in San Francisco.  Pictured with David Johnson (r). Click Image for More information.

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