January 21, 2018

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The Arts Uplift Hearts in San Francisco As the City Mourns Mayor Edwin Mah Lee
December 17, 2017

Wright Enterprises-Community Spotlight
Wright Enterprises-Community Spotlight Press Release

Dec. 15, 2017
An Angelic Gazelle Graces War Memorial Opera House
The Best is Yet to Come as 15 year-Old Oakland School for the Arts Student, Angela Watson returns for an historic second season in the San Francisco Ballet 2017 "Nutcracker" production.
(Photo by Mark and Tracy Photography at www.markandtracyphotos.com.)
Oakland/San Francisco-Almost 125 years to the day of the World Premiere of "Shchelkunchik" at the Imperial Ballet, Marinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia, Oakland native and Oakland School for the Arts student, 15 year-old Angela Watson, returns for an historic second season as "Clara" in the "Nutcracker" on Saturday, December 16, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. in the War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco, the home of the American tradition that began in 1944 (Read About America's First Nutcracker).
San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker Program Cover 
with Angela Watson as "Clara."
 (cover photo:Erik Tomasson, SFBallet Company. Purchase of Souvenir Program benefits the ballet.)
Along with Angela Watson (Clara, Dragonfly), follow three other OSA students, Daniil Shaposhnikov (Mouse), Pilar Ortega(Dragonfly) and Angelina Williams (Dragonfly) as they leap, changemant de pieds, pirouette, and debule from Oakland School for the Arts' School of Dance to the 2017 San Francisco Nutcracker Ballet's Land of Dreams.
Kudos to Angela's talented family, Dr. Geoffrey Watson (HealthbeatTV); Carolyn Evans Watson; CEO of CECO, virtuoso vocalist twin brother; Richard G. Watson, and older brother; Bryan Watson, Studio Sound Recording Engineer along with friends at OSA; author Alice Walker; and acclaimed pianist Ricardo Scales to name a few!  IT TAKES A VILLAGE!  Visit the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House for tickets and don't forget to support organizations like the Oakland School for the Arts https://www.oakarts.org/!  Make your Christmas Gifts Count for the Future. Find out more about the San Francisco Ballet Company at https://www.sfballet.org/
All in the Watson Family! Angela Watson's Talented Twin, 15 year- old Richard G. Watson Congratulated by Author Alice Walker After His Performance at the Oakland Tree Lighting Ceremony.
Just in Case You Think Ballet is Just A Lot of 
Glitter Among Fluff and FuFu...
                                                      TOUCHE!   ANDALE!
Artistic Super Athletes Wouldn't You Say!
Opening Night & Reception Tonight @ AAACC
Click Image for Tickets!
"Thanks For Your Giving"
Kelly Armstrong's Bayview YMCA's "Primed & Prepped" 
Makes a Difference in the Lives of Young People When you Make a Difference! Let the giving begin and keep on keeping on...
See how your support can make a difference...
Mayor Ed Lee, "The People's Mayor," gave grassroots supports to programs like "Primed & Prepped" 
Click Image for Tickets!
Thanks to Community Leader Marlo Martin for East Bay News
Click Image Paint & Sip Party
Remembering in San Francisco...
Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker melodiously drifts through the night air with a bittersweet tone from the War Memorial Opera House as the San Francisco City Hall Flags at Half-Mast Honor Mayor Edwin Mah Lee to give a kind of call and response reply.  Music Plays On as San Francisco Mourns!  The Mayor's untimely death Tuesday has a City in mourning while the vibrancy of San Francisco Arts continues to lift our spirits during this time of utter disbelief.
City Announcement of Mayor Lee's Review in Rotunda and Memorial Service
Thanks to former OMI Community Leader, now residing in Mississippi, Deloris McGee for notice to W.E. 
Mayor Ed Lee & former District 11 Supervisor John Avalos at Community Listening Meeting held at Eddie Ramirez's Mama Art Cafe in the Excelsior.  (Left to right) Community Leaders, Deloris McGree and Jackie Wright represented the OMI.
W.E. sends thoughts and prayers! Condolences to the Family and Colleagues of Mayor Edwin Mah Lee and to all of San Francisco. Mayor Lee's Memorial to be Held on Sunday, December 17th.  Closed Casket view will be held on Friday, December 15th at City Hall (http://www.sfexaminer.com/sf-hold-closed-casket-viewing-mayor-ed-lee-city-hall-friday/).  
First Notice of the Sad Early Morning 12/12/17 News: 
Condolences to W.E. from Oakland Community Leader 
Reverend Greggory Brown, Miracles of Faith Community Church, ELCA
So sorry to hear of Mayor Ed Lee's death overnight. 
I know you supported his administration with much respect. 
We will keep the Mayor's family and San Francisco in our Prayers. Pastor.  
Jackie Wright of Wright Enterprises Congratulates Mayor Edwin Lee October 14, 2015 at the announcement of the $1.69 Billion HUD Public Housing Transformation Plan in San Francisco. Photo by Johnnie Burrell, International Media TV:
Update on Judge Karen Clopton
After Calls for Criminal Charges Against the CPUC for the 
San Bruno Explosion and California Wildfires, Chief Judge Karen Clopton Takes Whistleblowing Case to Superior Court
Ongoing Coziness between CPUC and Utilities Companies has Exposed California Residents to Safety Hazards like the San Bruno Explosion and 2017 Wildfires According to Clopton.
Judge Karen Clopton honors South African President & Freedom Fighter Nelson Mandela at San Francisco City Hall December 2013 Memorial.
SAN FRANCISCO- December 13, 2017 - Chief Administrative Law Judge Karen Valentia Clopton filed her whistleblowing complaint against the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) with the San Francisco Superior Court today. The action moves the case from the politically appointed State Personnel Board to the courtroom. The filing comes a week after both Jim Ruane, the Mayor of San Bruno, and State Senator Jerry Hill called for criminal charges against the CPUC for corruption and obstruction of justice involving the San Bruno explosion and recent wildfires that have ravaged California homes and lands. Click Here for Complete News Release.
In a city known for multiculturalism and social justice, Judge Karen Clopton had to Step Up and Step Out to Fight for Justice for Herself. Fighting for others for decades, Judge Clopton in September held news conference about a Whistle Blower's Lawsuit against the CA PUC.


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