August 15, 2018

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Throwing Shoes at Harvey SF NCBW and Miracles of Faith Launch "Shoes for Survivors" Drive
September 16, 2017

Originally Posted August 31, 2017

Wright Enterprises-Community Spotlight

Wright Enterprises-Community Spotlight Press Release

August 31, 2017
The National Coalition of 100 Black Women San Francisco Chapter Joins Miracles of Faith's Jazz Benefit & Call to Action
To Help Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey Survivors 
In addition to the general donations, the San Francisco NCBW is asking the public to Donate Specifically to buy "Shoes for Survivors."
San Francisco-The San Francisco Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. is asking fellow chapters, organizations and the public to help with the "Shoes for Survivors" drive as Miracles of Faith in Oakland hosts a Jazz Benefit Friday Night to help the survivors in the path and wake of Hurricane Harvey now Tropical Storm Harvey.  Miracles of Faith Lutheran Community Church, ELCA is located at 4337 Virginia Avenue in East Oakland, off of High Street.

"As Pastor Gregg Brown, who was instrumental locally in the Katrina Response, talked about seeing a woman who escaped the flooding and lost her shoes along the way, it crystalized a need that I felt would resonant with our members," said Dr. Maxine Hickman, President of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, San Francisco Chapter (SF NCBW).

"We are pleased to know that Dr. Hickman and SF NCBW are joining forces to launch with Miracles of Faith "Shoes for Survivors."  This will empower on-going assistance beyond the Jazz Benefit with Grammy Award Nominated Ricardo Scales, Friday, September 1 at Miracles of Faith," said Pastor Gregg Brown, Senior Pastor.

Organizers went on to say that the "Shoes for Survivors" will benefit all survivors, but has significance in the African American culture as during the times of slavery, escaping slaves often had to run without shoes.

In particular, the significance of shoes is also signified in an old Negro Spiritual..."I Got Shoes" with chorus, "All God's Children Got Shoes and I'm Gonna Walk All Over Heaven."  From Gospel renditions like that of the Echoaires to school choruses to the iconic Mahalia Jackson, the importance of a pair of shoes as a vehicle for movement is affirmed.
Echoaires "I Got Shoes"
School Chorus
School Chorus "I Got Shoes"
Mahalia Jackson "I Got Shoes"
"Having new shoes has always represented new beginnings and new opportunities and we want the survivors to know we are supporting them for a new future, " added Dr. Hickman. "As this is unfolding very quickly we are working on relationships to make sure the distribution will be as quick as possible and equitable working with Reverend Brown in identifying churches and businesses on the ground near the disaster area that can help."

As there have been disruptions of deliveries, the organizers say the focus is to receive the financial contributions equivalent to the cost of a pair of shoes of the valued at the amount the donator would pay for a pair of shoes.  "We've learned very well from the effective and highly respected American Red Cross that it is best to make a financial donation because people sometimes choose inappropriate things from their closets and the cost of shipping can outweigh the value of their gift," said Dr. Hickman.

"For those who would rather be involved in a physical shoe drive or collecting things from their home, it would be better for communities near or at the site of the disaster to manage those efforts," added Reverend Brown.  "We are honored to rally people for prayers, praise and Jazz as a way to encourage the survivors as we know many people have family and friends in the area and desire to do something; so we encourage everyone to join us at 7 p.m. on this Friday at Miracles of Faith, 4337 Virginia Avenue off of High Street."   The church is easily accessible off of the High Street ramp of Interstate 580.

In some cultures, throwing shoes is a form of protest or insult.  Organizers say "Shoes for Survivors" is a way of expressing their indignation against the assault and aftermath of Harvey's devastation.

"We could not see our fellow Americans standing barefoot in the wind, waters, and the rain and not respond," said Reverend Brown.  "Our disdain for what Harvey has done is translating into love and action."

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women San Francisco Chapter is an advocacy group dedicated to the empowerment, education and training of women for the total advancement of society.

Sponsorship and partnerships for on-going SF NCBW projects are also available.  
Contact Dr. Maxine Hickman at 415 999-1990 for more information.  In addition to special appeals like the "Shoes for Survivors" response to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey Project, support of the chapter assists with its Workforce Development Training and Employment Program, a partnership with Covered California and the I.T. Bookman Community Center.
Editors' Note: Advance and Day of Interviews are available.
Information about the evening is as follows:
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