June 21, 2024

Film~Love Separated in Life...Love Reunited in Honor

Wyley & Ouida Wright to Be Reburied at Arlington National Cemetery 3/10/2014.

Love Separated in Life...Love Reunited in Honor is a documentary film written, produced and directed by Jackie Wright with director and editor Jack LiVolsi of Jackson Street Productions in San Francisco.

Jackie Wright SanFrancisco/Dallas Publicist & Filmmaker
Jack LiVolsi
 CEO & Founder of Jackson Street Productions

The story of a patriot, who laid his life down for his country dying for U.S. values far from home in Vietnam, declaring his love for the love of his life even from the battlefield in "Love Separated in Life...Love Reunited in Honor.  

Crossing history, time, social mores and seas, The four Wright siblings honor Sp5 Wyley Wright Jr., who died as an honor guard for Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara early in the Vietnam War, and 'the wife of his youth,' Ouida Fay McClendon Wright with a ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery, after exhuming him from a segregated cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida fifty years after his death. The ceremony in Arlington within a year, ultimately led the Wrights to Vietnam, where they found the land that had been named after their father, 'The Shannon Wright Compound,' an honor they had no knowledge of growing up in the shadows of Fort Benning, Ga. The trip to Vietnam found them on the land where the 114th Aviation Company had served and they connect with the family of the Vietnamese photographer who had made the last wedding anniversary gifts of Sp5 Wyley Wright Jr. for his beloved 'Ouida, the Love of My Life.'

IMBD: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6679790/

WEBSITE: www.lovereunited.org

For Screening Opportunities/Events/Fundraisers, contact Jackie Wright @ email address: lovereunited2014@gmail.com.