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From the Office of Alameda County DA Pamela Price:Saturday's Townhall & Other Upcoming Events
September 8, 2023

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Town Hall This Saturday!

Meet DA Price In-Person

Hello Jackie,

Be there when District Attorney Price joins a panel of Oakland's leaders for a unique town hall event this Saturday! The panel includes:

District Attorney Pamela Price

Acting Chief of Police Darren Allison

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao

Peralta Community College Trustee Kevin Jenkins

Alameda County Sheriff Yesenia Sanchez

Probation Chief Officer Marcus Dawal

Alameda County Board President Nate Miley 

DA Pamela Price and Labor Right Activist

Delores Huerta

This town hall meeting is an invaluable opportunity for you to engage with our city's leaders, discuss pressing issues, and have your voice heard. It's an occasion for open dialogue, meaningful conversation, and another chance to learn more about the challenges and opportunities that shape our beloved Oakland.

  • Community Empowerment: This town hall empowers you to play an active role in shaping the future of our community. Your input is crucial in guiding policies and decisions that impact us all.

  • Awareness: By attending, you'll gain deeper insights into the issues Oakland faces today. Knowledge is power, and understanding these challenges is the first step towards making positive change.

  • Unity: Your presence helps us build a stronger and more united community. Together, we can address problems and create solutions that benefit everyone.

  • Networking: Connect with fellow residents, community organizers, and leaders who share your passion for Oakland's progress. Forge new connections and partnerships that can help drive change.

  • Voice: Your voice is your power. By attending this town hall, you are making a statement that you care about Oakland's future and are committed to making a difference.

Make an Impact. Your contribution matters.


Attend Our Upcoming FUNdraiser!

Join us September 23rd for an exciting and fun-filled birthday fundraiser for DA Price! 

Get your tickets HERE!

Breaking News!

DA Price held a press conference yesterday announcing charges against a Livermore vape company.

"They illegally shipped the products through the U.S. Postal service without complying with California's delivery requirements," she said. "And they manufactured and sold thousands of synthetic cannabis products in packaging that falsely claimed the products were legal, natural and industrial hemp products containing less than .3% THC"

Read The Article Here!

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