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Wright Enterprises Shares "Love, Your Mind" Ad Council Campaign
October 27, 2023

Posted Courtesy of Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight ~ San Francisco ~ Dallas ~~~


In the spirit of "A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste," Jackie Wright, CEO of Wright Enterprises joins with the Huntsman Mental Health Institute and the Ad Council, sharing unique public service announcements to promote mental health.  Written from the point of view of a love letter from the mind encouraging mental self care, the campaign, sent to Wright by Joshua Dubois, is timely and powerful. Take a moment to listen and take action for yourself and those you care about.

Additionally, Wright says it's important to support the arts and utilize the powerful tool of creativity to promote mental health and self care.  Citing several articles:

How the Arts Can Benefit Your Mental Health
Mental Health Foundation



In the wake of the Lewiston, Maine tragedy, Wright has reached out to the media encouraging coverage of several upcoming Bay Area arts events:

200 Unsung Artists Launch SOBA San Francisco's Season of Black Art Sunday October 29th @ AAACC

Cuatro Vientos (Four Winds) Showcasing International Dance Artists October 27-29, 2023: 10th Annual Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers     

Heartfelt prayers are extended to those hurt by the tragedy and the families and friends of the victims of the too many other mass shootings that have reached more than 500 this year according to media reports.

Once again, take a moment to listen and share the "Love, Your Mind" Campaign. 




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Dear Friends,

I hope you are doing very well. I’m writing with a special invitation to learn about a hugely important campaign.

The Huntsman Mental Health Institute and the Ad Council have come together to announce something truly transformative this week - a national mental health campaign called, "Love, Your Mind." Our team at Values Partnerships is so honored to be a core part of this effort.

This national campaign is aimed at creating a society that is open, accepting, and proactive when it comes to mental health.

This world that we live in is difficult and beautiful and complex, all at the same time. So many people - around the world, right here in our own country, across our communities and in our own homes - are navigating unfathomable challenges. While it is essential that we take care of our physical bodies, too often our minds - our mental health - get overlooked.

At Values Partnerships, we believe that together, we can break down barriers, erase stigmas, and encourage folks to take care of their mental health and ultimately #LoveYourMind.

Here's how you can get involved and make an impact:

▪ Watch and share the powerful new PSAs created by Love, Your Mind
▪ Explore resources and shareable social media assets
▪ Spread the word today using the hashtag #LoveYourMind on social media to show your support.
▪ Stay tuned for some very exciting events for faith-based and community organizations and leaders - more to come on that soon.

Will you take a moment to watch this PSA, visit LoveYourMindToday.org and share with a few others?

We look forward to being in touch with you more about this campaign in the future. In the meantime, let’s treat one another – and ourselves – with compassion. Let’s pay attention to our mental health. Let's love our minds.

Joshua DuBois


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